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Thread: Tired!!! Help!

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    12 oz Squash: 21 Carb
    2 bannas: 30 Carb
    Orange: 12 Carb

    3 oz Raisins: 63 Carb

    I'm not even counting everything, and by the end of lunch, you are over 126 carbs.

    You are probably eating enough carbs to keep you out of ketosis, but not enough to make you satisfied. I.E., your body is still using carbs as it's primary source of fuel, but you aren't giving it enough carbs to fuel the fire.

    Instead of going the direction of refeeds, and sandwiches, you need to go the opposite direction. Start by cutting out your fruit. And, increase your fat. (Go regular bacon instead of turkey at least).

    Give it three days to a week, and you should start getting your energy back as your body makes the transition from carb burning to fat burning.

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    Indeed, get plenty of saturated fat and monounsaturated fats in there to meet your energy needs. Think meat, acovado, olive (oil), coconut and eggs. I find it sensible to watch when I eat fish and lean meats as they tend to contain more protein than fat. I make sure I eat enough fat for fuel.

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