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Thread: Lipoprotein(a)

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    Anyone familiar with this lipoprotein?

    From Wilipedia:

    I just read an article linking it to heart attacks:

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    Dr Davis from the heartscanblog talks a lot about this. He says it is difficult to treat, but he recommends high dose of Niacin and fish oil. He also is a strong advocate of vit D and iodine suplementation for those (most) who are low. He also talks a lot about small particle sized LDL being a strong cause of heart disease and recommends the elimination of wheat to solve that.

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    Lp(a) is new to me.

    Good find though. Looks like a good investigation starting point.

    *also a good excuse to eat more salmon (niacin)

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    I just got my blood results back last week and the only thing worrisome is my Lipoprotein (a). It has always been in the teens on past testing and has jumped up to 117 on this last work up. This is really puzzling to me.

    I have been eating primal for over two years and my bloodwork has greatly improved over this time frame with the exception of this lipoprotein (a) thing.
    Anyone else have this happen to them???

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