Day 21: I am just now starting my Journal, though I have hit the three week point. I have lost 7 lbs so far but wish I could just stop myself from getting on the stupid scale since it's NOT an accurate guage for progress!! I can FEEL my belly getting a little smaller!

B: Didn't eat breakfast, wasn't hungry after sleeping in.
L: 4 small, conventional sausage patties coffee with whole, conventional milk.
D: grilled chicken thigh with skin, baked fresh asparagus with garlic salt, tossed salad with evoo, another cup coffee/milk.

I'm about to go walk our two dogs and then I'll try my hand at sprints (rowing) for the first time. I started PBF only two days ago, doing a LHT workout the first day and 20 minutes of sloooowww barefoot Samba yesterday. The Samba has my lower back hurting, can't wait for the core work to make that better