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Thread: Fasting after working out

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    I used to believe that it was absolutely necessary to eat something post-work out.

    It's been two weeks that I began fasting for at least 4 hours (it's because of my schedule) after working out, and I actually don't feel muscle soreness at all! I have even made the weights more intense.

    Previously, when eating a can of tuna or a shake(~30 grams of protein both) I would be sore for the next two days.

    Why is that? What has my body done? Has it adapted to not getting food after intense training? I don't even think that I am losing muscle.

    Btw, I can't find any info on post-workout fasting online...

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    I don&#39;t have a source handy, but I believe Brad Pilon and others have written about the increased GH production by continuing your fast for an hour or so after your workout.

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    I have sort of done the same thing myself. On days I decide to work out, I don&#39;t eat anything, snacks etc., after lunch and then workout(lunch around 12-2, off at 8).

    The last time I worked out, I didn&#39;t eat for a couple hours. It&#39;s really late, but I think I was shooting for my body using the resources on hand(some of the flab) instead of just causing a "zero gain."

    Other than a bit of cravings, didn&#39;t have a hunger issue. I got hungry an hour or hour and a half after that and had some eggs and steak slices

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    The body is highly adaptable, so changing things up every once in a while can get you through a plateau. That is definitely a part of changing things up. Actually, I recently started eating a steak after working out instead of fasting and I&#39;ve gained. Go figure! =)

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    i&#39;m rarely very sore the next day other than a minor (oh yes i worked out last night) and i never eat when i work out on a week night. i eat supper and workout between 7-8pm for 20-30mins. i drink water afterwards but hit the bed around 11pm and notice no trouble. on the weekends i work out after breakfast and usually eat in the late afternoon. my body has adapted to this.

    i used to run chronic cardio 5-7mi weekdays and a long run on the weekend and feel like i needed to down a protein shake or cereal or something "carby" to "recover" it usually resulted in me eating way too many calories and not feeling "full" which bloated me up to 125 (10lbs more than i currently weigh). the best part of PB for me is the less work, more play and not feeling grumpy in between meals! good luck!

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