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Thread: You know you are primal when...

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    People start bringing you venison and game meat that their neighbors shot and say "we don't like the gamey taste, but I heard about your caveman thing, and figured you might want it."

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    2,276 the middle of a discussion about what to eat for dinner, before any decisions have been made, you start cooking bacon. Because bacon, of course, is an integral part of whatever you're going to make!
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    When you fly to another country to work offshore. You pack only your VFF (2 pair) and work boots. When you are offshore, you do your walking/jogging around the helipad in either your VFF or barefoot. No shirt, soaking up the sunlight everyone else is slathering on sunscreen to avoid. When you are not in your workboots, you are either barefoot or in your VFF in the living quarters.

    And you finally get the cooks to load up your plate with meat and stop offering you the rice and potatoes that everyone else is eating. Then you load up your side plate with fresh salad and olives.
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    When you see a warthog out on the savannah and your first thought is , "Hmmm. I wonder what warthog bacon would taste like."

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    sound like a small zoo.

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    When watching Man Vs. Food you try to figure out how to Primal-ize all of the bread heavy challenges, and then think about having it for dinner.

    (Why, yes, I'm having curry tonight... >.>
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    You go to Honolulu Burger Co. 4 days in a row because you love their grilled grass fed burgers so much. I always get the double... the one with the local sausage is my favorite!
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    When you're friends look at you funny because cook with butter instead of spray PAM oil!
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    When your first instinct on seeing your toddler's black eye is ... "I should put some coconut oil on that." (don't know where it came from and didn't, but that was my first instinct.)

    When your toddler likes to curl up to nurse cuddling the glass jar full of raw beef heart jerky...
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    You squat to do household chores, pee outside, and just to show off how many squats you can do in a minute.

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