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    When you buy the dog a pork femur and you consider fighting him for it!

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    yeah, except this particular person calls himself a "whole-foods vegan" and doesn't eat the processed soy-based crap.

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    I know I'm in the primal mindset. Some very ugly folks on PETA's FB page couldn't agree to I posted this...

    "I'm making a juicy hamburger patty, grilled onions, mushrooms with a side of steamed zuchinni. Mmmmm. I love eating like a hungry caveman! I shall now go and lick off my fingers from the juicy love. ROFLMAO!"

    They were even stupid once and asked what PETA stood for - so I told them ROFL - People Eating Tasty Animals.... Oh this is so hilarious I just can't stand it! BELLY LAUGHING!
    My goal pic...

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    ... bacon is utilized getting a noun, adjective, verb, adverb...

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    When one of the grass-fed beef purveyors at the local farmer's market recognizes you by sight...and immediately knows you want the heart.

    And in a related snippet, your freezer contains no fewer than four kinds of hooved quadrupeds and their organs (and in the case of the pig, its cute widdle cheeks).

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    When you are thinking about buying (insert here) and say to yourself "but look how many dozens of eggs that could buy instead" and walk away from it.

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    when u look at jars and think 'this is a good one for bacon grease.'

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    When you're wondering if the Guinea Pigs ever go on sale at the pet store.

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    When you're strongly considering petitioning the HOA to let you selectively reduce the extremely large Canada goose population of the neighborhood pond.
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    When someone eats some of the bacon you were saving for breakfast and you are not mad, you are FURIOUS!

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