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Thread: New BACON Cologne page

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    New BACON Cologne

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    Did anyone see this today??

    Bacon Cologne | Bacon cologne hits retail shelves | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

    I am thinking this could be a fantastic way to attract some (un)or wanted attention???
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    Yeah! Like all the dogs in the neighborhood baying at your door.
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    would it be wrong to wear this to a vegan gathering?
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    Quote Originally Posted by federkeil View Post
    would it be wrong to wear this to a vegan gathering?
    No more appropriate than wearing it at a bar mitzvah. Lol.

    My GF loves the smell of bacon. This might be a good way to meet girls for all those primal singles out there. If she likes the smell of bacon on you, she's a keeper.

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