One of the reasons I started going Primal (just two weeks now) is to lose weight so as to put less stress on my painfully arthritic knees. I'm a naturopath with a specialty in iridology/sclerology. Diets of all kinds are something that I've checked into as they come along in the media because my clients want my advice. What makes sense to me about PB is to change the insulin response. Virtually everyone who comes in my office has blood sugar imbalances, which also show up genetically as orange pigmentation in the iris. So, we have done a number on our pancreases for generations.
What concerns me is that meat is considered acidic, and according to my years of study, an acid pH can wreak havoc with the body laying an environment for arthritis. I did my dissertation on this. The idea is that an acid environment causes the body to pull calcium from the bones (osteoarthritis) and sodium from the gall bladder (leaving cholesterol to form stones) in the effort to achieve pH homeostasis to alkalinity.
The PB is making me question much about the body's responses. So who here has had positive ressults with correcting arthritis? Thanks!