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Thread: Oh happy day!!!!

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    Jan 2011

    Oh happy day!!!!

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    I meant to post this I guess it is really oh happy week!

    My gym FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got a squat cage. WOOT!

    Monday wasnt leg day for me but I had to do a set just because it was there.

    Oh holy hell, how much I have lost in small muscle control in the 4 years since leaving the gym that had a cage. It's been probably 2-3 years since I have done a proper back squat. I was doing them for awhile off the back of the bench press but then they moved the equipment...I think specifically so I couldnt anymore.

    I'm running the weight down about 30 lbs right now while I relearn control.
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    Lucky girl! I'm currently saving for mine.

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    I'm trying to get my gym to invest in a proper squat rack! Ooooh my, the things you can do with a squat rack!

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