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    Finally found some coconut milk :)

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    I usually get Trader Joe's coconut milk because they are the only brand I have found that doesn't contain guar gum or other preservatives. The problem is that it is "lite" and doesn't really taste that great. I have made my own - but it was only so-so and not that convenient.

    Today some friends gave me a frozen bag of coconut milk from Hawaii Sun. The ingredients are coconut and water. It was absolutely delicious! I can't really find much about it though.

    Has anyone used their coconut milk?

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    I haven't tried that brand, but I would definitely avoid the lite. What's the point?

    I just don't worry about the guar gum and I prefer this brand: Native Forest Organic (although I buy it locally, not off Amazon)

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    What is it with Whole Foods and coconut milk? They keep selling out and are only left with a few cans light coconut milk! Are people catching on to to Paleo and it's selling out or what?

    This is Whole Foods at 59th st in the middle of Manhattan I am talking about!

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