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    Hi, my name is Rob and I have done Paleo/Primal type eating for about a month now. I was referred to this site by a buddy from another forum. From what I have lurked, everything looks great! I look forward to reading and posting!

    A little back story.

    at 20 years old I was 255+ lbs. and around 30% bodyfat. Long story short, I decided I hated being fat and lazy and at my lightest I hit 199.6. Right now I float around 215-225 lbs, and I am using paleo/primal type eating to cut some fat away. I do Crossfit and am also an employed level 1 Crossfit trainer (not a shitty one, I swear) at a local Crossfit Affiliate.

    I also run a small website entitled:

    Hopefully I am not breaking any soliciting policies you guys have. I don't sell anything on my site, I run it at my own expense and just use it for clients and friends who need help.


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    Hi Rob. . .welcome to the forum. I liked the creed on your blog!

    You'll find a lot of good info and debates here--I'm sure you'll be interested in the ongoing discussions of whether calories are important.

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    Nice site, Rob. Welcome aboard!

    I didn't hit "fat" until my fifties. But here we are...

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    Welcome!!! I'm relatively new here, and I have to say this is the coolest little community, rich with spirited debate, encouragement and camaraderie.

    The more I see the less I know for sure.
    -John Lennon

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    Hey, welcome. I'm relatively new, too. It's a great place here.

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    Hi I am new too......and am healthier than I have ever been!

    Welcome and I look forward to seein ya roun!

    Primal Since 10/2009

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