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Thread: appetite lately has been gone

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    appetite lately has been gone

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    Been primal for 6 weeks now, the last 3 or 4 days i havent been hungry at all even after hard lifting sessions, i've been eating like 1 meal a day. I've been rolling with it and just turning it into a IF and i feel fine, is this normal should i be alarmed?

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    I have been experiencing the same thing. As long as you are averaging high nutrients from your meals, you should be just fine.

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    Could be that you are in ketosis or just have a natural appetite suppressant by what you are eating. I've gone through periods like that as well. I just stick to the 'eat when you feel hungry, do not eat when you are not hungry' thing and it seems to work for me. I do try to make sure I get a minimum amount of protein each day though when possible.
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    that's totally fine, as long as your getting the nutrients you need like dragonfly said. if you think about grok, there would have been plenty of times when he didn't get to eat at all during a day or more, but other days he might find plenty of food. if you're lifting heavy though, you will probably want to make sure you are getting enough protein...but it should be fine if you look at your what you're eating in a week, not what you're eating every day.

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