I'm quite new to posting here, and your forums are overwhelmingly large and active, so I've only read a few recent posts. Wish I had time for more, but the rest of life still goes on.

I'm a Registered Dietitian (Canadian). My University training all happened during the development of the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the low fat diet, but with reading in recent years, I have come around to the Primal point of view. I can't implement it too much in my practice ( I work in Long Term Care), but I certainly don't push sugar, margarine or heavy intake of processed carbs anymore. And my own life and that of my family have gone towards the higher fat, lower carb diet in the past year.

I'd like to hear from any other health professionals, MD's, RD's, etc about your experience, both professional and personal, with the Primal lifestyle and the Primal message.

Martha T., RD