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    Hi, I'm not an RD, but I have a degree as naturopathic doctor. I have just started this journey on the PB diet and in just two short weeks have noticed that my head feels clearer and I have less inflammation in my knees joints.
    Before this, I was always skeptical regarding 'fad' diets. Please don't yell at me for calling PB a fad diet, I didn't know until I actually read the material. I have a different point of view now. But it flies in the face of all that I studied. In fact, I did my dissertation on pH balance of acid/alkalinity and how over acidity contributes to arthritis, kidney stones, gallbladder stones, cancer, etc. I still have questions, but I will use myself as a model for research on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalWannabeGirl View Post
    I'm a physician currently working on healing myself... Former RN, too. I'm bilingual. Speak nurse and doctor. Oh, and an amateur herbalist.

    LOL, love this. I'm an RN with a PhD in mental health so I'm a Dr Nurse

    I'm at the end of my second month of eating this way, and still figuring out how to improve my health. I've mentioned it to a colleague who is depressed, but 'I could never give up bread, I eat it at every meal. What would I eat if I couldn't have bread?' I'm biding my time - when I'm well and leaner I'll have something to go on. Also, while I'm reading the science, I'm still not sold on all of it.
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    Tried basic primal and almost everything else in pursuit of IBS control, mood stability, and weight loss.

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    I'm considering doing a PhD in public health, but right now I'm a grad student in intercultural communication.
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    I'm a WHNP/ANP. I talk to several of my patients every day about primal/paleo, especially if they have autoimmune issues or family history of autoimmune problems. I'm thankful I don't work in a primary care setting where I would be required to prescribe statins. I work in a setting where we have to follow strict protocols but I can no longer give out the recommended dietary guidelines. I made a commitment "to do no harm," and telling my patients to eat whole grains and low fat is doing harm. I have done my research on this topic. In addition to all the standard paleo/low carb sources, my roommate is getting his PhD in nutrition at Columbia, specializing in lipids, and he sends me links to studies he comes across related to fats, nutrition, statins, etc. (One of my biggest triumphs is that he is starting to come around to the idea that low carb/high fat is health...last summer he was trying to get enrolled in a statin study, and I begged him not to jeopardize his health, and he clearly thought I was he's following a "slow carb" diet, and is trying to get his parents off statins and carbs. I can't take credit for this though, it's all due to Tim Ferris. I hope that it will be the gateway drug to primal/paleo, since I am not a fan of Ferris's cheat days or legumes. But it's way better than the way he used to eat.)

    I've been thinking about contacting some of the paleo/low carb physicians in my area to see if they could use an NP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superdeluxe View Post
    I'm a WHNP/ANP.

    I've been thinking about contacting some of the paleo/low carb physicians in my area to see if they could use an NP.
    Thanks for replying. Sorry for my lack of acronyms, but what's WHNP/ANP stand for?

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    I'm a medical librarian. Does that count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marthat View Post
    Thanks for replying. Sorry for my lack of acronyms, but what's WHNP/ANP stand for?
    Women's Health Nurse Practitioner/Adult Nurse Practitioner

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    I'm sort of a health professional- I do neurofeedback (brainwave balancing) and whenever I have a client who seems open, I give them resources like the PB and The Ultramind Solution (which is very anti-gluten/sugar) to help them maximize their progress by supporting their brain nutritionally.
    I also have training in Medical Qigong, which is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine and I incorporate some of those principles with my clients- mainly breathing techniques and some of the mind/body connection and emotional stuff.

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    I'm an endurance sports coach (mostly triathletes and runners) and my wife is a holistic nutritionist. We have combined forces to offer a primal/paleo alternative to endurance training that works really well for a lot of people. Our message is pretty simple. We will train you to utilize whole foods and supplementation to get the most bang for your buck out of your training while preserving as much of your health as we can in the process. Sure, we have a lot of folks who come to us expecting chronic cardio and they leave quickly after they don't get it. Those who have stuck with our program are seeing some rather positive results and turning around years of really bad habits to regain some level of health and enjoyment out of sports.


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    There is another RD... her name is RachelRD. She asked the same question when she was first here. I am getting my nutrition degree in 3 weeks. Lots of money spent on CW, but hope to use the fact that I have it to start my own primal practice someday.

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