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Thread: Stoked!

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    Yesterday was the first day that I used FitDay to track my grub. I compared it to the sample it the Primal Blueprint 101 and mine was almost identical (less the alcohol.)
    I think one of the things that I like is that I did it without putting a lot of thought and planning in it. And I came in naturally, and without effort, with less calories than I used to consume, and didn't have to worry about counting them.
    I don't like to over think things and yesterday proves that it is not necessary.
    Looks like a good start....

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    Great job!

    I like not having to track too!

    I realized while at a luncheon watching everyone scarf chips and dip and bread and butter, that I was eating 300-600 calories less by not partaking. That is when the connection to how much less I am eating really hit home.

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    +1 for Great Job!

    I've had the same experience, I eat right on target without hemming and hawing over the details. My first primal day I pretty much had the same thing happen as you, lol. Plugged everything into FitDay and was all O_O. It's liberating to be free from worrying about every little thing. Just eat from the Primal Pyramid of Awesome and you're golden. I don't miss calorie counting.

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