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Thread: Whole30 question

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    Whole30 question

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    I started the Whole30 on Friday. I've been primal for a while now but decided it would be good to forgo the 20% for a month. According to Mark's book my body needs 75g protein and about 100g fat. I am 5'6" about 133pounds. Typically my body is great on this. I would fast from 4pm until 8am with no problem. I had tons of energy. I felt amazing. However, since I started Whole30 I have been pretty hungry. I haven't been able to fast, but I figure when my body is ready again I will. I have been eating more protein about 85g-90g and more fat about 130g per day. I'm definitely more bloated than I have been in the past. Typically when I go fully primal I lose all the bloating after 2 days. Why do you think I am more hungry this time around? Thanks for the input!
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