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Thread: awkward glances at your vibram five finger-clad feet page

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    awkward glances at your vibram five finger-clad feet

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    Im totally pumped to wear my new vibram kso 5 fingers to school tmrw! im prepared for all the awkward looks i might get. hey, if people wanna stare, go ahead!

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    I've been wearing them for a few years now and I'll wear them just about anywhere.

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    One day, I wore mine and no one said anything.
    It was the strangest thing. I've worn out one pair and am currently using my second/third pairs.

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    I never really noticed getting looks when I wore them to the grocery store, but my wife noticed that my Vibrams were being noticed, haha.

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    I've become quite attuned to people glancing at my VFF. It's pretty easy to tell; just watch their eyes as they pass, but don't be too obvious about it. (Look out the corner of your eyes.) It's fairly predictable, but amusing at the same time.
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    I've just celebrated one year in Vibrams. I don't notice the glances anymore- my friends and family do though. The questions are common. In the check out line, browsing produce, at the laundromat, in the ladies room at Applebee's... nowhere is safe, but that's ok. Ya get used to it.

    It's cute when you hear kids whisper, "Daddy... daddy! Look at those shoes! Looook!"

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    I don't wear vibrams (funny toes), but I do wear invisibleshoes huaraches. One winter evening, waiting at the bus stop in my huaraches and toe socks, a smallish child was staring at my feet and finally, in her lowest whisper, she said, "Mommy, that lady's wearing gloves on her feet." Made me smile for days.
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    The few questions I have gotten about my VFF have been positive and yes, I do get some strange looks when I wear them but now that I think about it, I got some funny looks before I started wearing them. Hmmmm
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    Its funny, people seem to either stare at them and be so confused that they cannot conjure up any words or function normally or they come up to me and ask about them because they interest that person. Then again, the people who are staring i give the same stare to because they are usually on some sort of contraption and they call it exercise. (weirdos, lol)

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    JK I can't wear VFF due to funny toes as well.

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