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Thread: awkward glances at your vibram five finger-clad feet

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    I have some VFFs that I keep in my office for emergency gym shoes. I don't really like wearing them that much. They make my feet too sweaty even with socks. I have some NB Minimus that I like a lot better.
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    I'm actually on my fifth pair of VFFs. When you wear them so much, it's easy to wear them out.
    And yes, I often get asked if they're comfortable. When I first got them, in 09, I think, I would say that they were. Now I often reply: "They're the ONLY comfortable shoes I own."
    People's attitudes about them have changed substantially since I first started wearing them. Used to be: what are those and how did they get so ugly? Now I get a lot of curiosity about comfort and if it's hard to "get used to those dividers between your toes" and where I wear them or don't wear them.
    But it's an easy way to strike up conversation with strangers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cori93437 View Post
    Not exactly.
    What it all boils down to is that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
    Some folks like them. Some don't.
    But I'm sure as hell not changing what I like, or wearing what is better fir my feet, in accordance to what someone else thinks... that would just be silly.
    Just like you shouldn't Derp.
    You keep rocking those big crazy honkin tennis shoes.
    And I'll keep rocking my VFFs.

    None of us should change what we wear to suit how someone else feels about our appearance.
    I'm sure not going to do it.
    Agreed. Your style is a reflection of your taste and more importantly; your personality.
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    I find that my Vibrams usually get me at least one interesting conversation every time I wear them. Someone asks about them, and was thinking of buying a pair. I count on this reaction when I am feeling sociable.

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    I was in the Dentist today, in a small town in Ireland, and saw someone wearing Vibrams! Totally shocked they've spread this far.
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