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Thread: Constipation / Infrequent Stools = primal related?

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    You guys may find this video interesting:

    What Is So Menacing About Fiber

    I purchased Mr Monastyrsky's book Fiber Menace and have learned a lot from it. It's highly pertinent to this thread (and I highly recommend it).

    I hope that's some help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by porcelain View Post
    I find the primal diet makes my bowel movements less regular and I end up skipping a day or two, every so often. My meals literally consists of half meat and half vegetables.

    Somehow that's not enough fiber and most people would suggest grain to bulk up your stools, making it easier to pass. It explains why when I do eat rice or simple carbs, I end up getting results.
    It's actually very, very different than that. The problem is you're getting TOO MUCH fiber.

    I subscribe to a very different opinion than most. I strongly believe that vegetables SHOULD NOT make up a very large part of the human diet. Eating a typical Primal Blueprint diet, where the bulk of food volume comes from fibrous vegetables, leads to disastrous digestive issues. Your intestines get gummed up with too much fiber, you lose the ability to absorb nutrition properly, you lose regularity and energy levels drop. Consider the following:

    1.) Our physiology is clear. Our intestines are NOT made to digest large quantities of fibrous vegetables. Our intestines are made to do digest animal flesh, starchy tubers and fruit.

    2.) Don't for a second think Grok ate salad. It makes no sense to do so. The caloric density of leafy and fibrous vegetables are next to nothing. It would be a waste of Grok's energy to pick vegetables. He would go after animal flesh, starchy tubers, fruits and nuts before he'd eat a plant. He expended far more calories than we do since he had to hunt all day long. Running around picking spinach and kale would be a total waste of his time.

    3.) Our saliva is loaded with amylase. Our bodies are breaking down starch before the food even enters our stomach.

    4.) Many fibrous vegetables have the nutrition bound in compounds that the human body can't digest in the raw state. Nutrition in starches and meat are far more bioavailable to us. Meat and potatoes are actually complete protein sources. Not so with nuts, legumes and vegetables.

    For best performance, a diet rich in organ meats, quality starches, fruits and low in fiber is the way to go. You will be amazed how much better you'll feel since the energy and nutrition is so readily available to your body. We're made to quickly digest fat, glucose and even fructose for fuel. The last thing your body wants to do is spend hours fermenting broccoli and spinach in your gut trying to extract what little energy is present there. You're far better off eating liver, kidney and bone broth than kale and spinach.

    I make sure to load up on starches every other day, not going more than two days without significant quantities. If I do a CKD-style diet where I'm low-carb for 4-5 days straight, my whole system backs up and I feel lousy. Meat, starch and fruit. Meat, starch and fruit. Vegetables are incredibly overrated. Treat them as a dietary supplement for whatever nutrition you're not getting in meat, starch and fruit. Don't make them the foundation of your Food Pyramid.
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    I go less frequently but what comes out is significantly better than when I was eating grains...I do need to eat a reasonable amount of fat and drink enough water during the day though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiltondeportes View Post
    I'm not a doctor, but it's my understanding that FAT is what makes you poop and not fiber. Maybe you need to eat more fat? Or maybe you are fine. I don't know.
    I'm not a doctor either but my own anecdotal evidence supports this. Years ago I was on the South Beach diet. With the lean meats and low fat everything on SB, I down to going once a week whereas before I was on a daily schedule. On Primal, I still manage to go nearly every day/every other, but with less volume. The main difference between the two diets is the copious amounts of fat I now consume. Greases the wheels, so to speak.

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    I suffered from bad constipation for years. Turning to primal eating defintely helped... but there was a few extra bolts that i need to tighten (or lossen hahaha). If any of you are struggling with constipation and you want to some one on one help via PM then just PM me. I'm more than willing to help... ive helped out dozens of people who had suffered from chronic constipation for years and now are pooing every day. once again, feel free to PM me for a chat =)

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    Since I started putting coconut oil in my coffee (wow, I never thought I'd be doing that!) and on just about everything else in an effort to deal with systemic inflammation, I go at least twice a day. No bricks, no looseness, just right. Ha! Never thought I'd be talking about my bms on a public forum either. Have you tried coconut oil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunn parker View Post
    From what I have read I think that because your taking in a lot less stuff that needs to be eliminated, you just don't need to go as often.
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