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Thread: Constipation / Infrequent Stools = primal related?

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    I'm a newbie too, with similar concerns....and before was quite regular. But it was 2 days, which is not usual for me. My stomach was distended and uncomfortable but when I finally went, it wasn't difficult or anything. But it was sitting in there so long, it just feels WRONG, despite the fact when I do go, there was no problem. I don't want to stop paleo, but the beef does that to me...I did a search and someone said something about sweet potatoes..but I don't know what to do. I don't believe letting it sit in my gut and build up like that is "ok"...

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    Who said you have to go every day? Whatever your body does, is for a reason. Chillax and worry about more important things!
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    There is a lot of Conventional Wisdom about the need for fiber to bulk up one's stool and "decrease transit time" (sounds like they are talking about a bus system). But really, all of that is nonsense. On PB you are eating foods that are more completely, efficiently digested, leaving less residue at the end (so to speak). There is nothing harmful about fecal matter being in your digestive system. That's where it is meant to be. It is not inherently unclean or bad. Going every 2-3 days is perfectly normal. There is nothing there "backing up" in your system. You just are a more efficient machine with less waste product now. Relax!

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    For one, you are probably absorbing your food more and wasting less. Too much fiber just scrapes your insides, and it's the fat that dictates bowel movements. I'm not a doctor, but it's my understanding that FAT is what makes you poop and not fiber. Maybe you need to eat more fat? Or maybe you are fine. I don't know.

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    Eat fermented foods. No need to eat dirt.

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    It does feel weird not to be "regular" like before PB. I went through the same thing when I quit caffeine (caffeine made me "regular"). For me this is definitely more of a mental adjustment-since CW has told me since I was a little kid that being "regular" was good for me. Having this explained by all of you that have experience makes it easier to accept-that there isnt anything WRONG with me. I started using coconut oil in my cooking (upon forum members recommendations) and that has helped! Reading this article by Diana Schwarzbein helped me also:

    The Schwarzbein Principle - The Schwarzbein Program - Read More

    it doesnt talk about regularity but explains about the healing process when you change over to this way of eating and that it takes TIME to heal-especially if you have been eating the CW way for so long, as I have.

    hope it helps



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    Irregularity is only a problem if you want to expel but you can't. There are many aspects to constipation. "Regularity" is supposed to be one of them. If you can't expel but you want to and you need to, and you can definitely feel it ... then the problem is something else: possibly, no moisture in the colon. This happens a lot when you start low-carbing. Your solution is to low carb gradually and add some pure starch (rice, yams and sweet potatoes) while you adjust. For some people, however, this problem never goes away and you might have to do "moderate carb" (100g carbs per day) by incorporating safe starches.

    But you're just curious how come you're going every other day whereas you used to go once everyday, that's not "constipation"; your stool has gotten a lot smaller in a high-fat, low-carb diet.

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    Once or twice a day.
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    I take probiotics - like 5 million per pill. Also, I came up with an easy natural smoothie that has 19 grams of fiber. I'm pretty excited about it. The recipe and info is on my blog
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    I don't mind missing a few days... Less junk I put into my body, less junk that exits my body.
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