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Thread: synthetic vitamins?

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    synthetic vitamins?

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    I stumbled across the below link and it got me thinking about synthetic vitamins (not just D). Is there any real cause for concern? I'm not sure if this guy know what he is talking about or not...

    YouTube - ThePeoplesChemist's Channel

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    The only thing I would say is he said D3 and D2 are the same thing, which they definitely ARE NOT. He lost my attention when he said that.

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    He also sells on his site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by O_O View Post
    yah i'm always skeptical when people are selling stuff and giving advice (although mark does the same). but this guy doesn't sell any vitamins that i see...

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    Cod liver oil high can be high in vitamin A and too much A can demineralize bone.

    Q&A on Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D

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