Ok, so, the plan for today was to:

A) Post journal entry (check...)

B) Put pictures in journal entry (not so fast, mf'er...)

So there will be a journal entry minus pictures, which is a hilariously tragic story.

So, I started out making the move into primal eating on... last Thursday. Started out around 232.5 lbs. That's about 30lbs lighter than where I was in December. Today's weight was 228.6. Which is pretty good for a few days, especially considering Saturday night I put on about 1.1 lbs in liver damage. As an aside, never do a shot of Everclear. And especially never do a shot of Everclear when you're 30. It didn't really do much and it burned stupidly. Let's just leave it at never do a shot of Everclear.

Onto the story of the day, I was getting ready to set out on the day's walkabout, which is I walk about 1 mile to a special spot and then walk back. Anyway, I was grabbing up the ol' digital camera so I could chronicle the various primal fast food I saw on the way (quail, rabbits, doves, the occasional Poomeranian [yes, it's a Poodle-Pomeranian hybrid disaster]), when I noticed one of the other hominids in the house had left a bowl of Jelly Belly (oh so aptly named favorite of mine in the past) jellybeans on the counter. My right hand reached out to take a handful (I think it's cursed. It's tried to kill me before), but thankfully my left hand was a true bro and had my back. In a bold move, it decided to lose hold of the camera, dropping it deftly on the lens and breaking the shutter. So, I have a broken digital camera now. On the plus side, hey, no jelly beans. I have since hidden the offending candy far away in a dark place and will be having words with the would-be saboteur.

Now then, onto the activities of the day.

Thus far, I've done my 2 mile walk. I have eaten turkey and a handful of blackberries. I'm planning on some eggs here in the next couple of hours and then a wonderful broiled beast for dinner. Later on, I will be engaging my pectorals, biceps, triceps, and various other muscles in a wonderful round of the Primal 5. I expect to destroy the plank, as I believe my abs have been fully engaged since I was 12.

I am also considering writing a book about my journey once I've achieved my successes. Prospective titles are:


From Fat to OMG Seks!

Why My Ass Looks Better Than Yours: A Message to My Doctor

This Heart is Delicious! A Love Story

Truly a thrilling and brave new world awaits me. I kind of really suck at cooking, so this is going to be a great experience for working on those sorry skills, too.

Gettin' Grok-Faced!