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Thread: Question about CRON-o-Meter and Omega ratios page

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    Question about CRON-o-Meter and Omega ratios

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    Was curious about my O3 to O6 ratio and so I tracked my intake using this program. The result is 132% Omega-3 (1.5 g) and 60% Omega-6 (7.3 g). Is this an optimal ratio? What is the ratio supposed to be and where can I find information about this?

    I don't understand how 1.5 g leads to a higher percentage than 7.3 g.

    Thank you!
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    It's because chronometer is programmed using rda values and doesn't look at ratios. To get your true ratio, divide o3 : o6. You want it as close to 1:1 or better, but 1 o3 : 4 o6 is generally fairly healthy. As yours comes out in the vicinity of 1:4, you're ok-ish.
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