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Thread: Can someone give me a realistic time-frame for my fitness goal? Please?

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    Can someone give me a realistic time-frame for my fitness goal? Please?

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    I am female, 28 years old, 5'7, 126lbs. I am in bad shape. I used to be a runner, blah blah blah, you get the idea.

    People look at me , especially when I'm fully clothed, and think I'm in great shape, because I have good genes but I literally cannot do one push-up or pull-up. Also, I have a flat butt which I am very ashamed of. My thighs definitely don't looked toned. I've been eating PB for about a month now and feeling better but my body composition hasn't changed.

    So, if I'm serious about this and start strength training and doing yoga TODAY and continue eating a primal diet, how long before I can:

    Do 20 push-ups? 20 Pull-ups? Have a nice, strong butt and thighs?

    2 months? 6 months? 2 years? I honestly don't know. Thanks for any advice!

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    If you're training solidly, you'll start seeing results within a few weeks. In the army in my late 20s I went from totally unfit to doing 100 situps, 20 pushups and running 5km in 12 weeks. That was intense though.

    I do a lot of modified exercise at the moment, pushups on bent knees or against a bench, that kind of thing.

    As for a shapely butt, I dunno - get into those squats!!
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    Weighted donkey kicks (slow ones) will give you better glutes than squats. Do squats for overall lower body fitness, of course!

    4-6 weeks is average for seeing results.

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    I was you almost exactly, same stats and I would have described myself exactly as you did! After almost a year of a whole body lifting routine and about a year and a half of doing a squats (that was my only exercise for awhile), I have cured the flat butt problem and I think I remember it happening quite quickly with the squats, maybe a few months? I had done tons of other butt exercises in the past (pilates, body weight type stuff) and didn't see any results from that.

    As for pushups I have been doing the bench press for almost a year and can still only do 3-5 push-ups plus some on-my-knees push-ups after those. Pull-ups? Forget about it! I'm not even close.

    I think I have gained about 5-6lbs of muscle since August. I'm at a place where I think if I lost 5 lbs of fat my new muscle would really show and I'd have some nice shape. I was 126 when I started all of this and I'm now 132. The gain has been in muscle, but I haven't lost the last 5 pounds of fat yet (I keep cheating on my diet. I still think I need another 10 lbs of muscle though, which will probably take about a year I think. I'm guessing that will be enough to be as strong as I think I'd like to be and where it sounds like you'd like to be too.

    I just got out my lifting chart which only goes back 7 months (I don't know where the old one is). It says in that 7 months I have increased my squats from 90# to 155#, my bench from 55# to 100#.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks guys!
    Paleomom, that's encouraging that you started out where I am!!

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    20 push-ups? Probably several months

    20 pull-ups? Probably several years

    Just take it one day at a time. Good luck!
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    Pull-ups also heavily (pun intended) depends on how overweight you are. I'm still overweight (albeit no longer obese) and I'm indeed making a lot more progress with push-ups rather than pull-ups. If you have access to a gym you can use the pull-down machine instead - the advantage is that you can more easily and reliably perform the exercise with lower resistance. I'm currently doing 5x5 chin-ups at 70kg, and 70kg is just about my lean mass.

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