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    Hold on to your tickers

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    An article my sister sent me after finding out I was eating Primal:

    High Fat, Low Carbs, What's the Harm?

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    That article, in a nutshell...

    "You might lose weight, but it's mostly water weight. Fat is bad for you because it clogs your arteries, but I'm not going to cite any authority for this proposition, because it's just my opinion. People just don't want to eat low fat vegetarian diets."

    First off, your body shouldn't be retaining excess water in the first place. Second off, people don't maintain low fat vegetarian diets BECAUSE THEY TASTE LIKE SHIT. Your body wants meat. What it evolved on.

    I can't believe people get paid to write this kind of stupid shit.

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    "I would be worried about someone eating a lot of bacon and eggs to lose weight. What about heart disease? Cancer? Diabetes?"

    ...Did they seriously just try and say that a low carb, low sugar diet will cause diabetes?
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    This diabetic just did a head-desk herself. Bacon & eggs? Tell it to the glucophage & insulin I just got off of b/c of Primal eating!
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Seriously. My dad adhered religiously to the ADA diet after being diagnosed as a Type II diabetic. He gained weight and his blood sugar was out of control. He got back to a healthy weight a blood glucose level when he started eating based on glycemic index. He essentially cut out starches. He rarely ate any grain or potatoes let alone sugar. He considered them a treat. He felt great and was off meds. If he'd stuck with the food pyramid, he'd likely be dead or a blind, obese amputee by now.

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