Friday was the first warm day we've had this spring, and I was out in it working in the garden for roughly 8 hours. With no sunscreen. Hair pulled up in a ponytail, short sleeve t-shirt.

I expected the back of my neck and my arms to be sunburned. That happens to me every spring before I get my base tan, and even in the summer, spending 8 hours without sunscreen will burn me too.

But not this year. At bedtime I noticed that I had a bit of pink on my neck and arms, and although when scratched it felt a little tender, it didn't otherwise feel hot or uncomfortable. Saturday morning skin looked and felt completely normal - no itching or burning whatsoever.

I remember reading here on MDA that switching from seed oils to saturated oils and animal fats may increase sunburn tolerance. Now I have experienced it. I am admittedly amazed.