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Thread: Anyone in New-Brunswick, Canada?

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    Anyone in New-Brunswick, Canada?

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    We moved to NB 4 yrs ago and I gotta say I love it. It would be nice to chat with other members who are from the area who are doing primal/paleo, everyone I talk to have never heard of it and think I'm crazy for doing it (which I promptly send them to MDA and pass them my books on the subject). I saw there's a crossfit group here in town doing the paleo challenge, but haven't heard of anyone doing primal or whole30.

    It would be great to chat about where to buy grass-fed and all that jazz!

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    Hello and welcome to a new way of life. We don't live in NB but have been there, it is truly beautiful.
    Good Luck on your journey.

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    Thanks Nan! The beaches here are wonderful! Heard Nova Scotia is even more gorgeous, I'm ashamed to say I've never been.

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    I'm in NS, just below you in the Annapolis Valley. Where in NB are you? You will have access to a TON of farmers markets, Moncton has a fantastic one with lots and lots of farmers selling various meats. I actually think there are more Farmers Markets in NB compared to here, which is saying something.
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    I'm in Moncton and yep, there are 3 great farmer's markets just a short drive away. I usually pick up my meat from Springbrook Farms, although the other day I bought from a different farm from a different market. Didn't try it yet! I would prefer to buy meat in bulk and I haven't found anyone near here who does that (half a cow or pig).

    As for the veggies at the markets, I'm a little leery. Some are selling veggies that are the same as the grocery store. This is why i can't wait to plant my garden!

    I'm also really big on self-sustainability, it would be great to chat with others who are into that as well!

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    I used to live out that way but now I'm in the prairies. You must have some nice terrain for long hikes... they get boring quick out here.

    Good luck with the garden! I'm just waiting for the snow to melt to get mine started.

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    I have family out in the prairies, and yup they say hiking gets lame after a while. We're lucky to have lots of trails and forest, although most is Irving's (gah).

    I think I'll start my seeds in the greenhouse this week, get a head start. It's not an outdoor greenhouse unfortunately, just one of those metal shelves with plastic you can set up indoors. Still, it works!

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    Hi Genevieve, I live in Lower Coverdale, just outside Riverview. I haven't started with Primal yet but eat similarly really at our house though we do still have a few grains around (mainly gluten free oats and brown rice) because I've found that filling four kids up on meat gets really expensive! My husband and I are going to be starting up in the next week or so. I love the farmer's markets and also shop at Springbrook. If you talked to them the would probably hook you up with bulk meat. I get my lard from them (which I render myself) and also get chicken carcasses dirt cheap so I can make lots of chicken stock, I can also get a little meat off them too.

    I'm looking forward to really ditching all the starchy carbs/grains completely and getting more active, especially now that all that crazy snow is finally mostly gone! Oh, and I'll be putting in a garden this year and we have our own chickens for eggs too. If you'd ever like to connect just let me know.
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    Hi Julie-a! So great to hear from another person near Moncton. I too shop at Springbrook, but didn't know about the lard and chicken carcasses, I will definitely have to ask next time on Market Day.

    We finally have no more snow, although the rain is a little much . If it would just clear for a few days I could till part of the yard for a garden. When we lived in Dieppe we had chickens too, now that we are in Memramcook we hope to get some chickens next year. The kids loved collecting eggs in the mornings.

    It would be great to connect, send me a pm anytime!
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    Hi, I'm fairly new to this paleo lifestyle. i live in Riverview NB and glad to have stumbled across this post as i was wondering where to buy grass fed meat in the area! thanks! Julie-A, do you sell your eggs?

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