After being paleo for roughly a month now things are going well - i have gotten over carb flu, ditched refined sugars, dairy, all grains and have started to work out again. I thought i was doing well but then started reading about these nasties Food Packaging is Major Source of Toxic BPA and DEHP Chemical Exposure

I was interested in how other PB`ers go about getting away from these toxins.

Obviously since going paleo the amount of packaging i bring into my home has dropped massively but there are still things like coconut milk which i can only find in cans (with BPA - im assuming? - how do you find out if the cans contain it?)

Also storage issues - plastic tubs full of vegetables sound great but are they really?

Some people may think i am getting over analytical or too perfectionist over this but surely if we are trying to avoid toxins in the food itself shouldnt we be trying to avoid them in the packaging? (however small or infrequent the use of packaging is)

I would really love some feedback on how people avoid this stuff in the PB community

Thanks in advance