Good Evening my fellow hunters and gatherers...

I think I stumbled into MDA a few months back when I was looking for Hunting/gathering blogs...does this require explanation? I suppose it does. I am a vegan turned hunter. Well, I suppose I was a hunter first. My dad was, anyway. At the age of 13 I lacked the maturity and desire to hunt, I thereby decided that I could not eat what I could not kill. This led to 10 years of vegetarianism which culminated in a year of veganism. My body handled this remarkably well. However, upon moving back in with my parents I began eating venison again. This transition was natural enough that I am tempted to call it instinctual. I have been adding more and more meat back into my diet since that time. Although factory farming is still a soap-box issue of mine. I intend to dedicate my life to increasing the sustainability of agriculture in the United States (or whatever corner of the country I happen to be living in).

Back to MDA/Primal Blueprint/etc
I've admittedly been reading the MDA for a few months now, and reading the forums religiously for a week or two. I've never been much of a forum joiner. After reading the forums for a bit, I've gotten somewhat comfortable with the idea. Thus I begin this journal with the intent that it will keep me on track, focused, inspired, and striving to live ever-more primally. I realize (from reading other journals) that there may very well be therapeutic for reasons for journalling other than just tracking food intake (which I already do). And I kind of want to participate in a community in which I already feel accepted and befriended, even if you don't know me yet. Weird? Weird. Cave-community instincts expressed through the internet.

April is a good month for starting out. I was born in April, and it continues to be sort of a power-month for me. So here's to April! Here's to starting out! Stats (for the record):
female, 26 YO, H 5' 2", W 154 lbs, Ch 38", W31", H 40"

I do not know my % BF and will probably continue along in my ignorant bliss.
I took a few pictures about a week ago, but do not feel compelled to post them yet.

I have mostly eliminated grains and sugars. It wasn't really as daunting as it sounded at the start. I have a long way to go though, mostly in the fitness dept., after all, I work a dreaded desk-job. Well, this summer there will be field-work. But for now, too much desk time.
That about wraps up my first post.
Thanks for reading y'all.