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Thread: Is it really important to poop everyday?

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    Is it really important to poop everyday?

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    obvioulsy its important, but if not is that a sign that something is wrong?

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    No. I don't eat junk, and I don't make that much "waste", therefor I do not go everyday.

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    I used to be (gasp) vegan. I had a nice clean poop every day. Now I've been Primal on and off for a year, and I've been doing it strict for two months. I have a poo maybe every 1.5-2 days, and the volume is far less. Take that as you will.

    Interestingly, the same thing applies to my dog. I feed her a raw diet (meat, bones, organs, veggies) and she has one tiny poo a day. The one time I was out of food and I gave her kibble instead, she pooped about five times a day, at a huge volume, until it was all out of her system. I haven't ever fed her kibble again.

    If you're going three or more days without pooping, something might be wrong. Otherwise, relax (literally, haha).

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    Depends how you feel. If you have pain and indigestion then it's a sign something is wrong. If you're not, then every other day is ok. I go every two or three days, sometimes four. Still playing around with my diet to try increase the frequency. I'm going a month without eggs to see if that helps.

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    I feel icky if I don't. I eat lots and lots of veggies to make sure I do.

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    I think what constitutes "regular" is different for everybody. When I eat a SAD diet I can go as much as 3 times a day. I find that since doing Primal I go once or maybe twice a day. Some people don't normally go more than once every few days and PB may make them go once a week. I think once you don't feel ill and when you do go you have a decent BM you should be fine.
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    When I was eating a high fiber diet, I went maybe twice a week and it was PAINFUL 9often resulting in bleeding, and took at least a half hour). I figured there wasn't enough fiber in my diet, so I kept ramping up the fiber, and it kept hurting more and more.

    Now I go every other day or so, and it's easy and painless.

    MUCH better. Fiber be damned.

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    No. I've never been a "first thing every morning" person. Depends on what I'm eating on any given day. Since I'm vlc, I go far less than when I ate a carb diet. Nature tells you if you're having problems. Diarrhea and constipation are easily recognized issues, otherwise your body will eliminate when it's ready.
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