Marks post today got me thinking about what my goals truly are and how to make myself accountable, what better way than to share my goals, progress, thoughts with the primal community?
In January I decided to be kind to myself in all my health pursuits, Increase my energy through better food, sleep and exercise choices and work to lose body fat.
I've done fairly well at being kind to myself, maybe even too much. I did have a few peanut butter binges but I shrugged them off and moved on. I haven't cried over my dietary choices at all, which I can't say for last year so all in all I did pretty well with this one.
Sleep has kind of been all over the place, but I feel for the most part I'm getting the sleep I need, I go to bed when I'm tired and wake up whenever (a schedule I absolutely LOVE)
Losing Body fat has been the tough one. I want to lose fat because I feel like I have all the knowledge, tools, and support to do it and make the right choices but I end up sabotaging myself. I really want my body to reflect healthy choices. I tried a whole30 (not to lose fat but to get my eating in order) and gained weight since I ate way too much fruit, nuts and meat (I didn't think it was possible to eat too much meat before that, I've learned my lesson now). I also tried a ketogenic diet of 20g carbs a day but it wasn't sustainable for me and ended with a big peanut butter binge. Now I'm working on moderation and using a whole30 very clean eating approach to really nail in what works best for me.
Workouts have kind of been meh... so I'm looking forward to ramping them up as the weather gets warmer. I have my brother and my best friend as workout buddies, so I have all the tools in place to succeed.
So that's whats on my mind if anyone has any crazy comments or insights I'd love to hear them!