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Thread: Gah! Just had a cookie...

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    Gah! Just had a cookie...

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    I just found a few Girl Scout cookies in the back of the cupboard, my favorite kind. I'm not upset that I had it, because it was delicious. However, I can tell that the taste in my mouth is different (from the sugar/HFCS) and not pleasant, and my heart is pounding.

    In short, great taste, bad hangover and not worth it. It used to be that I could chow down half that box by myself in a day. Now I just feel ill.

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    I had a bout with the Girl Scout cookies a few weeks back when they first starting popping up. I, too, used to eat plenty of these quite easily. Now, they are pretty darn sweet - too much so almost. I get the pounding heart thing too from the sugar. I consider it good because my body is recognizing the subpar food.

    Glad you are aware of your eating experience and how you feel, and I'm glad you aren't beating yourself up about it. I consider times like those just little experiments that serve to show that sugar does have effects and that going back to primal after feels relieving.

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    Remember that you used to feel like that all the time: you just defined it as "normal".

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    What Stanton said!

    It's similar for diabetics who don't stay on top of their blood sugar. High numbers feel normal after a while, even if they are making the diabetic even sicker. See where that's going?

    When you get healthy and treat yourself better you start to realize how sick you used to be. It's scary.
    --Trish (Bork)

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