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Thread: Another breastfeeding question... sweet cravings!

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    Another breastfeeding question... sweet cravings!

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    Hi there, I've been lurking a little while but just signed up!

    I made the switch to Primal only a couple of weeks ago. I'm currently nursing my 20 week-old baby, who eats and sleeps well. However I'm not sure about the balance of my diet.
    I'm perfectly happy to have cut out all things grainy, and I feel great for it, but I'm having a bit more of a problem with sugar. I'm avoiding refined (i.e. commercial) sugar products, but finding it difficult to stay off sweet things completely like dried fruit.
    As far as I can tell my diet is fine otherwise; I've been eating plenty of meat (LOVE bacon!) vegetables and salad, plus I love nuts. Also I eat cheese.
    I did some calorie tracking on FitDay and without dried fruit I struggle to clear 1700, and the carbs are pretty low too, 30 - 50g.
    I naturally have a sweetish tooth, so I'm wondering if the sweet cravings are to do with that or if my body actually needs the sugar/carbs? I don't want to affect my milk production; I have noticed that since I've started eating Primal I've become a lot more thirsty!

    For what it's worth I'm 5'5" and around 119lbs, more or less my pre-pregnancy weight.

    Any help much appreciated!

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    I am nursing an 11 month old.

    I find that to keep my milk supply up, I need more carbs than I would think. I try to stick to sweet potatoes, rice, and regular fruits. Also lots of good fats. I went through an adjustment phase where I really needed nuts and snacks to keep me going. Now as I have adjusted, my sweet tooth has lessened.

    I started primal after I began solids for my son, so I am not sure how this would have worked with exclusive nursing. I could imagine eating a LOT of sweet potatoes!

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    bfing mama here... it took me a while, almost 4mths to kick the sweets...but I did it slowly I'm also eating way more cals that you...somewhere btwn 2200-2500 cals, but I am a bit heavier. you can try increasing your fat intake to see if that does it... ie with your egg/cheese omlette, have a BAS w/a while avocado. You can also try using more starchy veggies to satisfy that craving - winter squash and sweet potatoes are great as are carrots - just a little sweet but not too sweet.

    From what I understand Sometimes that sweet craving can be related to carb flu, or hormonal fluctuation...only 2wks in you might still be in carb flu stage!

    Give an example of what you're eating... ie Bkfs, Lunch, Dinner (snacks if any), what type of long slow exercise your doing & how often? Are you LHT (5 essential movements). Also what are your goals - become healthier, eat better, change your body composition?

    I've finally hit my pre-pregancy weight from my first child (over 4yrs ago). And I still have more to change with regards to my body composition. I'm working on removing belly fat, and leaning up while gaining strength. Working full-time, can make it difficult to move slowly every day - but even if I only get 20min walk in w/the kids its something, and I'm always try to fit in a LHT 2x/week & HIIT 1x/week, and I'm eating more than you...

    I have noticed my milk production does better on higher fat/protein ratio as long as I stay btwn 50-100g of carbs... and I have a history of supply problems and I'm taking dom to keep them at bay..... Eat when you're hungry, and enjoy eating too!

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    Milk production usually depends more on protein but I would try to stay a bit higher in carbs, especially since you are already at maintenance weight. For carbs try sweet potatoes and fresh fruit instead of dried. I would stay away from the dried fruit for a couple weeks and see if you can kick that craving down a bit.

    1700 is low when nursing but if you arent seeing supply drop that might be more normal for you.

    The thirsty is a normal side effect when you first start primal. That goes away after awhile.
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    Thirsty is also normal for nursing!! Drink throughout the day.

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