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Thread: Salad Dressing?

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    Salad Dressing?

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    Is there anything commercially available that is acceptable?

    I know we can try to make something, but is there an alternative?


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    when i don't feel like making salad dressing i do one of two things:
    1. use salsa
    2. put things in my salad that are a good replacement for dressing, like olives or pickles

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    I once spent 40 minutes checking the labels of every, single variety of salad dressing in a large grocery store -- both refrigerated and non-refrigerated.

    Not a single one was free of canola, soy, and/or sugar.

    Not. One.

    I bought olive oil and red wine vinegar instead.
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    I use Good Seasons Italian packs right now and when I have a salad I use about 1/2 it and 1/2 balamic vinegar. Not the best choice, but gives me room to improve down the line.

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    We're just starting on this change of life/menu and somewhat comfortable with the exclusion of Grains, beans, potatoes and dairy and cutting back on several things like Beer. And I do start each day with coffee with creamer and sugar. :-(
    Just trying to get some flavor in our salads, and meat dishes. i know that after a time. This, blah, taste will become normal to us. But, in the meantime???

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    I just make up a big jar of dressing on the weekend when I'm preparing salad veggies for the week (wash, slice and pack them all in storage containers in the fridge). I have a large glass jar that I keep the dressing in the fridge, and then in the morning when I make a salad to take to work, I just pour some of the dressing into a smaller container to take with me. No problems, and I like my salad dressing more than any of the store bought stuff anyway

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    OP, i understand where you're coming from. I guess i've only just now stopped using bottled dressing. I "weaned" myself off of it by 1st using a thinned out homemade pesto as dressing. Then i realized what i really liked was the citrus-y flavor (i used a lot of lemon in the pesto). So now i'm perfectly happy with just olive oil + lime juice + seasoned salt on my salad. (ez on the salt)

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    A google search good seasons dressing nutrition - Google Search brings up several Good Seasons-like recipes.

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    I am boring but just balsamic vinegar w/EVOO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wmiii View Post

    Just trying to get some flavor in our salads, and meat dishes. i know that after a time. This, blah, taste will become normal to us. But, in the meantime???
    I dont do BLAH. There is no reason why this diet has to be blah. You just have to try to make some of it yourself rather than relying on a bottle.

    My go to salad dressing:
    ~2T balsamic vinegar
    ~2T lime juice
    Hefty squirt of dijon mustard
    ~1T of italian seasoning (herb blend, no other ingredients)
    Big dash of red pepper flakes
    a couple cloves minced garlic
    1/2 t salt
    big dash of pepper
    ~1/2 c. olive oil.

    Mix well. For best flavor make a bit ahead. Keeps about a week or so on the counter, longer in the fridge but then you have to let it warm up a bit to remix the olive oil.

    You can tell I am not big on measuring. I have an old goodseasons cruet and I add balsamic and lime juice to the V line, other stuff to the W line and then EVOO.

    If you prefer ranch type dressings there are several recipes but you need to start by making your own mayo.

    Marinade up the meat! Herbs, spices. There is no excuse for blah.
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