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    $100 to spend on kitchen stuff

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    Hey everyone;

    I have a $100 gift certificate for William Sonoma that I need to spend. I have been really having a hard time deciding what to buy.

    Lately I have been thinking it would be nice to have a great mandolin or a pressure cooker. Or maybe one or two nice knives? Or a grill pan. Or maybe a hand blender?

    I already have two cast iron dutch ovens and to calphalon frying pans. I also have a Vitamix blender, so I use that instead of a food processor.

    What is the best time saving kitchen tool? I have arthritis - so things that make life easier on my hands or high on my list.

    What would you buy?


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    skip the expensive french mandolin (all metal) and go for a nice cheap japanese mandolin. The japanese one's are mostly plastic with simple removable (and SHARP) blades and attachments. They're much more portable and easier to store and only cost $30. The only real reason to go with the french version is if you're looking to do waffle cuts as the japanese mandolins don't come with that sort of blade.

    If you don't have a really nice chef's knife then this would be the top necessity. The best way to choose is only loosely based on the type of blade it has. The most important thing in any knife is how it feels in your hand. Get them to bring you out some veggies to try chopping/slicing/dicing. You'll want one that's super comfortable in your hand and one where you feel you have a lot of control over it. Personally I think the new Henckel Profection knives are beautiful pieces of machinery.
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    I'd say go for a chef's knife. I have a grill pan that I use pretty regularly, a Lodge cast iron, so you might want to buy one of those elsewhere and go with the knives. I have an OK chef's knife but I want a really good one or two. I use them a lot. A good paring knife is a big help too. And silicone spatulas. I use them so often I have five.

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    I third the knife. I have an inexpensive V-slicer and it's really handy. The incremental improvement of a high-end mandolin doesn't quite mandate the big price jump for my needs. A good, sharp knife makes so many jobs easier.

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    I would get a top-quality knife before anything, if you don't have that. I particularly like nice, heavy, big cleavers. I checked to see if they had the Cuisinart Griddler Junior, but they don't (just the big one). I got one a couple months ago, and use it almost daily, even though I have a broiler, toaster oven and nice electric outdoor grill. Other nice things would be top-quality mixing bowls or nice measuring cups and spoons.

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    There is nothing more helpful in a kitchen than a QUALITY set of knives.

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    This: Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker | Williams-Sonoma

    In fact, cheaper than I thought it would be. I might get one myself.
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    I second the call for an epic knife set. We have the forever sharp set and LOVE it!
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    You need maybe three knives, a cutting board, and one good pan or skillet - don't buy anything else until you have those. #1 is a good chef's or Santoku knife. I love the victorinox ones with the plastic handles -they are pro chef quality knives, don't be turned off by the fact they are much cheaper than other knives. 8" Chef's, 4" paring, and a serrated knife are probably all you ever need.

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