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Thread: Is bed the best place to sleep?

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    I sleep in a bed/sleeping couch on a real sheep skin rug and it is very good for my back.
    It is very comfortable, smells like sheep for a while, but I really like the smell, it's not like it stinks and anyways it doesn't smell forever.
    Since it is "real skin" it adjusts your body pretty good. It never is too warm nor is it too cold.
    I would love a sleeping bag made of those sheepskins.
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    my goal for this winter is to get a sheepskin mattress topper for this mattress. it gets lots of air flow, but that reverb of body heat off the sheep will make a difference. we put wool blankets on top, but i think a sheepskin mattress protector will be really helpful this winter.

    i'm also thinking a small, room dehumidifier will help.

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    Sheepskin mattress toppers, hmm?

    *pops outside to measure up sheep*

    FWIW, I now can't abide having a pillow, I find they push my chin against my chest and I breathe much easier without. I have got an old duvet as a matress topper now, as my mattress is about ready to give up the ghost
    But yeah, sometimes I sleep better curled up on a sofa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    Oh there's nothing like finding a soft patch of grass for an afternoon nap. We used to sleep outside all the time when we were kids. There's something about that fresh air while you sleep that makes you wake up feel so rested.
    Unless it's 23 degrees outside, you are sleeping in a 0 degree rated sleeping bag and you forget your sleeping mat... then it's like being a human baked alaska. lol

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