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Thread: Joined my local farmers co-op markert, so EXCITED!!!!

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    Cool Joined my local farmers co-op markert, so EXCITED!!!!

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    Ok so I am halfway through reading the PB and just wish I had more $$. I totally understand the need to buy grass-fed and better quality meats and veggies.

    So I found my local growers association. It has like 10 participating local farms who all supply them. They have everything I could ever want (fresh meat, fruit, veggies, honey, everything)!!!! I just signed up and will be placing my first order next week. I have sticker-shock of course, but only because I am used to cheap and crappy food. On top of that I've been slowly bringing the hubby around and he is getting into it too.

    Just watched King Corn last night on Netflix and I am SOLD!!! No more HFCS will be coming into my house (at least not on purpose). I am learning that I do want to spend my money on my food and health.

    I've also been checking craigslist for local farms to see what they have. We have a big organic farming scene here (UGA) in Athens, and I am just thrilled that we moved here 2 years ago.

    So if anyone is considering reading the PB go ahead and buy it (well worth the read). I couldn't wait any longer on my library list so I just bought it. Also, if you have a chance take a look at King Corn.

    Excited about changing my health and life!

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    Very cool! I joined a co-op for the first time last year, and it was well worth the money. Plus, I was introduced to many types of produce I would have never even considered trying. I even found a new favorite vegetable in kohlrabi.

    If you haven't already, check-out Gary Taubes' "Why We Get Fat"-a great, easy-to-understand and eye-opening read.

    Good luck on your journey!

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