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Thread: Interval running playlist

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    Interval running playlist

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    I like doing interval jogging/sprinting around a track. I can't stand using a stopwatch while i run, and i figure running doesn't have to be so specifically timed anyway, so like to use music as my timer. Do any of you do this? Its the only way running is any fun for me. I like to make playlists that are a certain length and try to make sure the music is fairly slow, driving pace and builds into big choruses and i just sprint when the music makes me basically, lol. It makes the running so much more enjoyable than just listening to random loud music and trying to look at a timer. Does anyone else do this?

    Obviously i'm always looking to find new songs to add to the mix to help make jogging more fun, or whole playlists to go on a run too. I listen to basically any kind of music, so nothing is off limits. So does anyone else have any suggestions for good songs, bands, or whole playlists to use while running?

    Lately this is the playlist i've been using, its about 39 minutes. Kinda fits the depressingly cold weather i've have to run through. it'll work for you if you like mumford and sons and florence and the machine i guess, lol. i walk through the first song and a half or so and the last song and just let the music guide me through the rest, and my cardio work is done in no time until the next time.

    intro - xx
    dustbowl dance - mumford and sons
    civilian - wye oak
    cosmic love - florence and the machine
    the cave - mumford and sons
    kids - mgmt
    you've got the love - florence and the machine
    little lion man - mumford and sons
    rabbit heart - florence and the machine
    skinny love - Bon Iver

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    I love all those songs. I use Audiofuel playlists for running my intervals. It really helps to keep my tempo up.
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    Here is a great song, Renegade by Hed Pe, for running or weight training that gets you going: YouTube - Hed PE - Renegade

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    I have Mumford & Sons (saw them live, good God I love them.) and Florence & the Machine on my playlist too! I like the Shiny Toy Guns (Rainy Monday, Ghost Town, Le Disko), Goldfrapp, Metric (Help I'm Alive; Stadium Love, Gold Gun Girls), and La Roux (Bulletproof). Also, Electric Feel and Kids by MGMT.
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