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    Problems sleeping?

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    Hi -- I just started 30 day challenge last week, and have already lost 3 pounds and am feeling great. BUT, I am having a horrible time sleeping, which I've never had before. I fall asleep fine, but then wake up around 3 and then toss and turn the rest of the night. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this just my body getting used to low-carbs? Or is there something I can do differently? Many thanks for the advice.

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    I have not experienced this , but you might try some melatonin. It is a hormone and not addictive, it is in some cases considered antioxidant. Unless you have changed anything else, try reducing your lights at night and TV watching before bed. Try to prepare to sleep rather than turning off the TV and hitting the sack. Could be something else though... but melatonin is GREAT!

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    I think a magnesium supplement is also supposed to help assist in falling/staying asleep. I believe I will try this as well. I don't have an issue falling asleep. I have an issue with staying asleep/restful sleep. The result: mind-numbing exhaustion!!


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