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Thread: Delayed-onset carb flu?!?

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    Delayed-onset carb flu?!?

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    I have been transitioning from Zone to Primal/Paleo a couple of weeks ago and I have been feeling remarkably fine – along the lines of “what is the carb-flu you are talking about?”. I was only eating about 150-200g carbs per day in any case, so the biggest difference for me was to cut out my breakfast oats (maybe 15g), bread (maybe 30-60g) and some sugars (maybe 10g). Also the occasional pasta / potato / lentils and the like. I havent counted, but I would assume that my carb levels are now about 50-100g / day, mainly through veggies and some fruit.

    Over the last two weeks I have been feeling increasingly bad, in particular really low energy levels. Funnily enough it does not really manifest itself in the gym – but certainly afterwards. After my “hard” workout yesterday I felt tired for the remainder of the day....

    Could this be Delayed Onset Carb Fly (DOCF?)? Or could this be potassium deficiency? Or both?

    I am trying to up the carb a bit I think. Yesterday I had a big cheat-day (with bread & sweets & actimel and loads of bananas) and I will try to make sure to stay in the 100-150 range for a couple of days, and get some potassium. Any views?

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    maybe your not eating enough fat. most of your calories should be coming from fat, then protein, then carbs.

    and if you feel tired the rest of the day after a workout than means you are working out too hard.

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