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Thread: Alicias Goin' Primal

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    Alicias Goin' Primal

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    Hello, this is where I will share my journey of my new primal lifestyle. I switched my way of eating on Thursday, March 17. I have been pretty successful so far. This past Saturday is the only day I didn't follow the rules (oh, except for Diet Coke) and ate some carbs. I ate some pizza with my husband, and it was a planned "cheat."

    I am going to take photos every Thursday, so I have a motivator to stay on track. My biggest struggle right now is Diet Coke. I have a couple cans left in a 12-pack, and after that it's NO MORE DC for this girl. I have to stop!

    4 months ago, 9 months prego!

    Today, 3-27-11, 10 days on Primal.

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    Wow! Considering you just had a baby you look great!

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    I am frustrated today! Here is my intake:

    Calories: 1038
    Fat: 74.2 grams - 64%
    Protein: 60.9 grams - 24%
    Carbs: 35.8 grams - 13%

    So, those are not good!! My cals are way low, my fat is WAY high, and my protein is low!! I don't know how to fix this with what I have in my fridge, freezer, or pantry!! I know this is awful but I am considering just making a protein shake. Is that a good idea?

    This is what I ate today:
    B: 3 whole eggs, 1 apple
    D: Pork Chop, Almonds
    S: Ground beef patty, onions, brocolli

    Perhaps tomorrow I will have two eggs at breakfast instead of 3. That will get my fat down a bit. I need to get something higher protein to balance my day better. Even though my cals are low, I am not hungry at all. I don't know what to think. If anyone reads this I'd love some input.

    Tonight I was going to do some weight lifting. I'll update that later.

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    Ok, I had a protein shake...

    Here is my daily total:
    Calories: 1168
    Fat: 75.7 grams (58%)
    Protein: 84.9 grams (29%)
    Carbs: 39.8 grams (13%)

    Is my fat intake too high??????

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    I have been doing some research online as to how I can do Crossfit at home. I am completely jealous of anyone that has access to a gym that does this! I live 2.5 hours away from the closest place that does. I found this info about building a home crossfit gym for $1000.00.

    I specifically like this:

    "A thousand dollars. That is way too much for me. Most of my gym was donated, but let me add a few extras:
    1. A variety of heavy rocks or boulders for doing sprints while carrying said rock. Throw ‘em, too.
    2. A big military duffel bag filled with bags of rock salt. Rock salt is for your water softener, so the whole thing might cost 6 bucks for the salt and $20 for the duffel at an army surplus store. Shoulder this and walk a long way with it.
    3. Some plywood (borrowed... vow to return) and a few pieces of 2 X 4 for a platform. A couple of pieces of rubber matting for where the plates hit. You can also use old car mats.
    4. Discarded wheelbarrow shell. Loop a rope through the holes and you have a sled...
    Go cheap.
    - Danny John"

    I also pulled some info from this website:

    2-week beginner crossfit program at home. I guess you have to start somewhere right?!

    Also, I feel lean this morning. Even after being upset about my intake yesterday. So it couldn't have been all that bad, could it?

    On my list of things to do today are take a long walk and buy some coconut and olive oil.

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    Intake was pretty good yesterday. I feel lean. Here it goes:

    Calories: 1483
    Fat: 108.2 grams (63%)
    Protein: 81.8 grams (23%)
    Carbs: 55 grams (14%)

    I am so tired this morning. My 4-month old was up several times last night and I think I got about 5 hours asleep.

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    Oh, and photos tomorrow. I'm going to try to make a habit of posting photos every Thursday.

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    Here is my intake for today:

    Calories: 1,101
    Fat: 67.1 grams (55%)
    Protein: 90.8 grams (34%)
    Carbs: 35 grams (11%)

    OK, in my opinion my calories are low! Except the thing is I don't feel hungry!! Should I be concerned about the low cals? Someone please help.

    I'm going to give my little guy a bath now and then go run some sprints. It's my first time doing sprints, so I'm nervous!!

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    WTH!!! I just got in from running sprints, took a shower, and while I was blow drying my hair a bunch fell out!! What??!! That has never happened before.

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    I got some help over on the nutrition board from some wonderful ladies. They attributed my hair loss to my recent pregnancy. I do forget that my body has been to hell and back in the last year. From pregnancy, to labor, to recovery that is a lot going on. And it was only 4 months ago. Whew, do I feel better now!

    As promised, here are my photos for today.

    Weight: 132 lbs
    Height: 5'6"
    Waist: 27"
    Hips: 36.5"

    I have a little ways to go. I want more muscle definition. I feel great though!!

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