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Thread: Alicias Goin' Primal

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    Hey, Alicia. I received your message in my email, but I can't find it on the forum. Yeah, I'm still a novice when it comes to forum knowitall so please excuse.
    When I was dieting for the competition, what worked for me was carb cycling. High, low, no, and repeat. Some people respond with a few low days and then none and back to a high. It's highly suggested to have a high(er) carb day with a heavy lift day or high intensity workout. I did longer IFs also (16-20 hrs) and threw in some morning cardio fasted. It took about 4 weeks to get to a lower % once I was already at 18% so it's not something that happens quickly. I'm generally in the low 20s anyway and 18% itself took 4 weeks of carb cycling.

    I'll give you some food ideas, but I warn you that I'm not an interesting cook. I suck basically. I'd grill chicken and roast or boil green beans, then throw on some balsamic vinegar so SOME flavor. I am very basic when I lean out so it's grilled meat and roasted vegs generally or just over a salad (greens only). It's not fun, but higher carb days did have a sweet potato after a workout and that's about it other than veggies. The last 2 weeks, my calories were kept between 1300 - 1500 calories depending on the high/low/no day. I'm sorry I don't have a better guideline, but I was winging it myself. Keep your sodium low to keep off some water weight, too.

    BUT try the ketosis route and see how that works for you and maybe try the cycling if you want another avenue.

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    Thanks for the info!! My food choices sound pretty close to yours are far as complexity goes, which means not complex or exciting at all! lol!

    I had a bad carb headache last night and into this morning. As the day goes on it gets easier and less annoying. Today and yesterday were challenging because I am helping my boss get his new restaurant set up. That means testing out food on the new equipment! Yesterday I had to turn down mashed potatoes, beef with gravy, mozzarella sticks, and basically any appetizer you can dream of. Today I turned down freshly baked cake with sour cream frosting, carmel rolls, chocolate chip cookies, croissants with cheese, homemade potato dumpling soup, well, you get the idea! The one thing I did sample was a baked chicken drumstick. It was delicious. I have proved to myself that I have an iron will, I just need to keep it up!

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    Here is my food % for the last two days:

    Tuesday April 12:
    F: 59% (67 grams)
    P: 33% (84 grams)
    C: 9% (18 net grams)

    Wednesday April 13:
    F: 53% (69 grams)
    P: 41% (122 grams)
    C: 6% (16 net grams)

    I am starting to feel good about myself again. I see some definition in my ab area and I don't feel puffy.

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    I should mention, my headache is gone! Thank goodness!!

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    Here are my totals from today. I am sure my calories look low to some, but I really am not hungry. I have a metallic taste in my mouth. I must be in ketosis. I have a tough weekend ahead of me. I am traveling with my husband and son to my brothers house and there is going to be food galore. Hopefully I will stay strong and eat meat all weekend. I know how disappointed I'll feel if I slip up!!! I can do this!!!

    This morning the scale said 136. Much better than the 139 it said a few days ago. YES, I went from 133 to 139 in one week of not following this WOE. So not cool!!! Definitely a learning experience!!

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    Good morning, Alicia! Enjoy your weekend and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the moments you have with the people instead of having your mind consumed by food choices. Be present in your conversations and interactions so fussing over the offerings won't be the first thing on your mind. I'm trying to keep this as my mantra to really be aware of what's happening in the Now and embracing it. It's tough since I'm a worry-wart and tend to have the next thing on my mind. Bah, not good.

    If you'd like to get an idea of a Figure competitor's diet and routine, you can visit Figure Competition Diet : Figure Competition Diets You can try to tailor it to Primal and see how it goes, I'm not really sure, but it can be a guideline for you. My schedule is sucking right now, but there's a competition in August that I'm thinking about entering....maybe. That would mean a summer of strict eating which would be great for bikini wearing, but tough on the BBQ enjoying...

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    Hey! Thanks for the words of advice and the link. When I get home I'm going to check it out. So far today has been a success.

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    How did your weekend turn out?? I'll ASSUME you stayed relatively on track and are looking forward to getting back to a routine and seeing how well you can do with this WOE.
    My weekend was sporadic with food and a little too much whiskey :^D Just ended up that way - no planning. *shoulder shrug* Today was great so no biggie.
    *high five*

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