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    Is this grass fed beef?

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    I got a pamphlet describing the beef that they sell here... it says:

    - never administered growht hormones or antibiotics
    - fed vegetarian diets
    - feed certified wholly organic, with no animal by products, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicidies, fungicidies, or GMOs
    - allowed to grow at their natural pace and to develop a natural immune system.
    - low stress living environment
    - product processed without chemicals, toxins, or artificial ingredients
    - no nitrates, nitrities, preservatives, artificial coloring, MSG
    - all meat - no cereal fillers.

    there's a USDA Organic label on it.

    ??!! I am confused. there's no "grass fed" on it, but it says vegetarian diet. ??
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    I don't think that's grass-fed or pastured. Those really are the two terms you're looking for. Think about it--can all of those bullet points be satisfied while still feeding the cow grain? I think they can. No hormones or nitrates and all that is good, but it's not truly pastured beef. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the only reason someone selling beef would have eight separate descriptions of their products is if the one key description--"grass-fed"--doesn't truthfully apply.

    Just my opinion. I don't know for sure. I'd call them and ask.

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    It doesn't sound pastured. "All vegetarian diet." "Feed wholly certified organic." Those scream grain fed to me.

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    If it doesn't say "100% grass-fed", then it is not. Period.

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    Remember that all beef is grass-fed and then most of it is grain finished in a feedlot. It may be a nice, organic-certified, humane and vegetarian feedlot, but a feedlot, nonetheless.

    Look for "100% grass-fed" or "grass-finished" beef for the optimal Omega 3:6 ratio and high CLA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by echoyjeff222 View Post
    there's a USDA Organic label on it.
    I have a friend who raises pastured beef near me and he was telling me that it's a lot more difficult to get "USDA Organic" certification for a pasture operation than a grain-finished feeding operation, since all the grazing land has to be certified, not just the feed, and it has to have been consciously kept "Organic" for a certain number of years, so new farmers are out of the running. I also think it's more expensive. So he doesn't use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, but doesn't pay for "USDA Organic" certification.

    Basically it sounds like this beef just needs the "USDA Organic" seal, and you get the whole story. "USDA Organic" stuff can't have GMOs or pesticides or any of that stuff that they specify. If it were truly pastured/grass-finished/100% grass-fed meat, it would just say "pastured/grass-finished/100% grass-fed" and you could ask the farm about how he treats his fields. Remember, corn and soy are "vegetarian," so "vegetarian-fed" does not mean pastured.

    In fact, for chickens, they kind of can't say "vegetarian-fed" if the birds are pastured because chickens will eat bugs, which are not, strictly speaking, vegetarian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zed View Post
    If it doesn't say "100% grass-fed", then it is not. Period.
    Yup. Remember, most people don't think corn is a grain, they think it's a vegetable.

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    notable exceptions:

    'organic' beef sourced from australia or uruguay is always grassfed/pastured wether or not it says so. (ie the little ribeye steaks and ground beef from TJs are both grassfed. the organic ground beef from costco is mostly australian/uruguayan sourced so mostly grassfed)
    lamb from NZ is always pastured even if it doesn't say so

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    Yup, "vegetarian fed" = grain/corn fed

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    as always , it's best to think about what they aren't telling you rather than what they are ........

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