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Thread: Cooking in olive oil question

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    Cooking in olive oil question

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    I have been primal for a week and 3 days now. It's going great, but I am wondering about cooking in olive oil or any other type of oil. This afternoon I pan friend chicken breast in one tablespoon of olive oil. How do I count olive oil in my daily intake? In Mark's book he suggests tracking intake on fitday for a while to see how you're doing, so I started that today. So, did I eat one chicken breast and one table spoon of olive oil? I can't figure this out, because there was obviously some oil left in the pan when I was done cooking. I know this is getting really picky but being new to primal I just want to make sure I'm starting off on the right foot. Thanks!

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    First, I don't recommend cooking with olive oil..use it for salads. Get some coconut oil, and if there's any fat left in the pan, pour it on top of your food and count it all-no need to waste it!
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    Thank you, I'll pick up some coconut oil tomorrow and do what you suggest.

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    why do you suggest not to cook with olive oil? Was that suggestion in Primal Blueprint? I don't remember if it was.

    Got curious and looked the answer up myself. On page 132 of Primal Blueprint..."Olive oil, the most monounsaturated oil, offers proven cardiovascular benefits (raises HDL and lowers LDL cholesterol) and has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It's very good for cooking at low heat, but be careful because excessive time at high temperatures can compromise the health benefits of any oil."
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    I guess I should have asked that too, but I will be buying coconut oil to use as well.

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    To answer your original question, I'd look what amount of oil is left in the pan and not count that in, but different strokes for different folks.
    Coconut oil, for me, is good for fighting cravings too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomad1 View Post
    To answer your original question, I'd look what amount of oil is left in the pan and not count that in, but different strokes for different folks.
    But some of the liquid left in the pan is likely to be chicken juices, not oil. Personally I count it all but I dont cook with excessive oil, I use what I need to cook with and there isnt usually much left

    I dont like coconut oil, so I cook with bacon grease and butter.
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    Right, some of it is juices from the chicken. Some of the liquid, both juices and oil, would get evaporated too. Ugg this is too much! I wish there was a set way to determine this.

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    The oil would smoke before it evaporated, so there's no loss there. I would count the entire tablespoon, but I always pour any liquid left in the pan over the food, or make a sauce from it, then pour it all over the food .

    Since you're new, I would say not to measure anything just yet. Unless you start to actually gain weight, give it a few weeks, so that you and your body can get used to the new way of eating. After that, if you're not getting the results you're looking for that's when I would worry about getting super specific about that 1 tablespoon, or just how big that chicken breast was, etc.

    The key things to remember are: eat real food, grass seeds (grains) are not food, vegetable oils are not food (olives are fruits), and also very important: don't stress! We don't really have a set way because it doesn't work for everyone. We like to keep it easy, and easy means what works for you. As long as you're consistent, you'll be able to tell whether you're going in the right direction or not.

    Welcome to the forums and this way of eating, it's always good to have new folks come in.

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    Thank you for you input! That helps me a lot. Also, thank you for the warm welcome.

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