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Thread: i've lost all respect for registered dieticians

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    i've lost all respect for registered dieticians

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    I got an MS in Nutrition in 1988 and venture to say that 90% of what I was taught was bogus in terms of nutrition. Serving the elderly canned string beans, jello and white rolls doesn't really make me feel warm and fuzzy about dieticians either.

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    See, the real problem is that you ever had any respect for them in the first place. All of my nutrition text books (from school) are simple overpriced paper weights.
    "You can demonstrate the purpose and limits of human digestion with a simple experiment: eat a steak with some whole corn kernels, and see what comes out the other end. It won’t be the steak."

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    I guess they didn't notice that its also a source of CLA.
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    I'm in the process of writing a paper about O3/O6 ratio and Alzheimer's. Several sources have mentioned that vegetable oils, particularly canola oil, are a good source of omega 3, specifically alpha linoleic acid. ><

    I will say, it's a very confusing and biologically complex topic. Very tough to wrap your mind around, and unfortunately, I doubt it's as clear cut as we'd like to believe. I like the story that we should seek a balance and that vegetable oils are a the culprit of inflammation and degenerative disease, but if it was that simple, I feel like it would be better reflected in the literature than it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_89 View Post
    I like the story that we should seek a balance and that vegetable oils are a the culprit of inflammation and degenerative disease, but if it was that simple, I feel like it would be better reflected in the literature than it is.
    I'd disagree with 'balance' when it comes to industrial seed oils.

    It'll only be better reflected in the literature when more start studying it. There was a huge bias toward PUFA since the 50s so folks studied it - and often in poorly designed trials. Consider the br ca high fat trial that was recently published. So much of the nutritional science is in that same vein.

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    It can be hit or miss with professionals. I must say, it was a doc who counseled me to eat primal (when I was raw vegan) and another doc who got me off tofu and soymilk when my period started coming every two weeks (when I was vegetarian). Those two really helped me.

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    I learned some of my worst eating habits from going to a dietician in University. She introduced me to a whole new world of bad eating habits, just by asking me if I was doing some of them. It hadn't even occurred to me to ever eat oh, say, two pork chops instead of only one. I only ever ate one, till she said that and I thought omg, nothing is stopping me from eating two! I remember that lightbulb moment, I think its when things really cut loose with my eating and I started to gain like crazy. I had never eaten from a large bag of doritos until she asked me if I bought them and then just ate, and I should measure what I'm going to eat out first. Single people can buy those huge bags?? Really?!?? BOOM off I went.

    Not once was I ever taught what hunger feels like, or satiety. No one ever said that these types of foods help you feel fuller, these types of foods give you energy.

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    Bullshit! Here is Stephan's response Whole Health Source: Safflower Oil Study

    Essentially there was no control group. What they did was compare 2 intervention groups. One with safflower and one to the unnatural and deleterious isomer of CLA (not the kind from natural fat). The safflower group improves slightly over the baseline so these charlatans decided to attribute the difference to the amazing powers of safflower oil. But the bottom line is that they had no control group and the change was small. So this is absolutely not evidence that safflower oil is healthy. The placebo effect associated with mystical magical "gonna save meee" "health food" products is notable, and especially in the diseased who might be looking for a ray of hope.

    My take is that these ladies were already diabetic, meaning that they have a tissue HUFA ratio that is already abysmal. They likely have so little omega 3 in their cells and so much omega 6 that even with the addition of some linoleic acid there wouldn't have been any more inflammation. After a couple of % dietary omega 6 there are no more eicosanoids produced, and they likely have so much oxidative stress that there would have been no tangible difference. Their HDL would have already been so low that more omega 6 wouldn't have lowered it. But safflower oil is rich in Vitamin E and could solve a deficiency.

    So 2 conclusion. 1. Bad study design. Needs an olive oil control group but even in that case... 2. Can not be extrapolated to healthy, nutritionally sufficient people. If you do not want to become diabetic in the first place stay away from omega 6 oils. Even if the difference was 100% attributable to safflower oil in all people, there would still be no reason to use it unless you liked the taste. But this is bs and all too common in PUFA studies. You can't take someone with a crap tissue ratio and extrapolate that to someone without.

    Nothing is more enfuriating than stupid Dieticians ruining people's health. It is like these people lap up every big of drivel in their school and then turn of their brains for life. I have taken to calling them stupid, not dishonest. I have no reason to believe that they are dishonest, just stupid. Some are dishonest, I don't know if that lady is, but she is dumb.
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    i dont 'disrespect' dieticians but i do disagree with them

    you should try goign to one for anorexia recovery weight GAIN and listen to the whole grain low fat dairy shpeel....and how i need to 'come around' on doing things like drinking coke, eating brownies etc etc. they are OBSESSed with oatmeal, and tortilla wraps, and lunchmeat...bleh

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