1) Go hardcore for a month. No sugar whatsoever. That will make the transition easier and you'll have more energy sooner. After the intro phase, if you're craving sugar, grab some fruit, preferably berries. I keep frozen strawberries and blueberries on hand, I eat them less than once a week.

2) Do some google searches for coconut and almond flour recipes. There's a ton out there. However, I'd recommend embracing the new eating style instead of simply replacing what you used to eat with healthier imitations.

3) Buy a candle. Set a bedtime. 1/2 hour before your bedtime, read by candle light. No computers, artificial lights, or cell phones. This will help you wind down. Also, remember to get 8 hours every night and try to stick to a regular sleeping schedule. It takes a week or two to get used to. Avoid caffeine near bed time too.

4) This week I have been aching alot, and have been craving sugar, am I getting "withdrawal" symptoms? Yes. Don't eat sugar for a while and they'll go away. Also, when you crave sugar, eat fat. Nuts or bacon or avocado.

I think the biggest key to success is to really stock up and fill your house with primal food. Start cooking more too!