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Thread: not a recipe, but a great deal: whole foods bone-in lamb for stew

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    not a recipe, but a great deal: whole foods bone-in lamb for stew

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    My local Whole Foods carries boneless stew lamb for $9.99, but bone-in stew lamb for $2.99. I wanted to know just how much meat is actually on them bones, so I asked for 3 lbs. I ended up getting 1278g, slightly less. Threw it all into a pot of water and let it simmer for a few hours like I was making a stock, then pulled the meat out and separated the now-tender flesh from the bones. I reserved the flesh and the fat floating in the pot and threw the bones back in to extract more minerals, but first I weighed the bones: 223g. That means that the meat actually cost $3.62/lb and the bones were free. Granted this is the first time I've done this and my results might not be typical, but I figure that even if the true average is 1/3 bone and 2/3 meat that's still less than $4.50/lb with free bones for stock. These ones are from the breast of the animal so I also get some cartilage for joint health; not that I've had any complaints before, mind you!

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    Great tip, I'll have to see if they've got the same deal in my city. Thanks!

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