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Thread: carbs and ketosis?

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    Question carbs and ketosis?

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    Hey all,
    as a newcomer, I've been testing my carb threshold for going in and out of ketosis. After being in ketosis (tested with strips) for a few days at about 50g of carbs a day, I had a fun night and ate around 100. Clearly, this morning I tested negative. Now, about 10 hours later, I'm back in it already? I ate about 20g of carbs already today. Do you think this is fast? I assumed it would take days!
    Just thought it was interesting, and wondering if it's good, bad, or just doesn't matter

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    I've only been primal for about a month now, but I can relate to your situation. I find that as long as I get right back on track the next morning, I will usually go back into ketosis within 24 hours. I believe my body is starting to adapt to using ketones for fuel.

    Also, I'm not sure if this applies to you, but when I eat more carbs than usual, I rarely feel hungry for a while afterward. Usually I'll skip a meal or two before I'm really hungry again. Also, I make it a point to take a walk and add some jogging intervals to get rid of the bloating feeling. And also to make sure that I get a good nutritious meal in instead of snacking my way back into primal.

    So basically, I don't know if it matters either, but your experience of getting back into ketosis quickly is something that I, too, experience.

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