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    Primal eating: a cure for nail fungus?

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    Just starting the primal thing and wondering if its worth waiting to see if this way of eating eliminates my nail fungus before deciding to take powerful drugs that I think might do me more harm than good. Is there a primal consensus about this? If youve been primal for awhile and your nail fungus went away without other interventions Id like to here about it. If youve been primal for awhile and it hasnt done a darn thing for your nail fungus Id like to hear about that too. Thanks!

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    Theoretically it's supposed to work. With the decrease in energy from carbs in your blood stream you'll experience a large amount of die off originally. I don't think it's ever possible to fully rid it with diet however as your system won't fully be able to tell whether it needs the gluconeogenesis for it's own cells or for the yeast cells. Your best bet for fully ridding yourself of the infection is to go on both the diet and get the systemic pills. The dangers of something like nystatin or diflucan aren't really severe and you don't have to stay on them long either. They are however proven to be severely effective.

    Personally the diet only greatly diminished the infection, had to take an antifungal to get fully rid of it.
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    I have a friend who swears by lavender oil which has antifungal properties, but you have to be faithful to twice daily applications.
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    Coconut oil is also a great anti-fungal. It got rid of a plantar wart that I'd tried freezing off on numerous occasions without success. Put vco on it daily for a week and bingo.

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    In my experience, just a Primal diet alone is insufficient. Others dealing with this say the same thing as well. There's a few of us here who are on a Candida eradication diet -- which is like Primal Plus (a more hardcore version). You can look up the many Candida threads here.

    I've dropped everything short of an atomic bomb on my toenails over the course of fighting this for many years now. Lately I've been using coconut oil on them, and they are clearing up nicely .... finally. Nothing has worked as well as CO.

    Once that nail is overtaken, there's no recovering it. You just have to be patient and wait for the funky part to grow enough so you can cut it off.

    But if you just use the CO alone without getting rid of the systemic Candida overgrowth, it will just come right back.

    That prescription antifungal is very hard on your liver.
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    My solution to nail fungus, flaky disgusting stinkin feet, is extremely simple. Just rub Grapeseed Oil into your feet & nails every morning. Within a month dramatic & continuing improvements will be seen.


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