I know there are a few threads and topics on stress, but I would be interested in everyone's thoughts re sugar and stress. I have been giving Primal/paleo a go for about a month. Before that, I was doing the elimination diet, but this made more sense. Anyway, giving up dairy, grains, processed food, bread, diet soda etc isn't an issue. Even sugar isn't an issue until I get stressed. Today was a perfect example, started off with good intentions, but was stressed and pressured with he work I had to get done and the only thing that seems to settle me down and give me focus is sugar. Once I have satisfied the sugar demon, I was able to settle down and donthe work I needed to. I have tried to come up with my de-stress cues, but it hasn't worked so far.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? (note, I suffered from adrenal fatigue last year). I really want to beat this, but having trouble and the reading I have done saying 'just work through it and exert willpower' doesn't help when I have work that needs to be done. It isn't every day, but on certain days with a particularly stressful workload.